View Full Version : You know 'What are you smoking today?'

12-08-2008, 04:13 PM
It makes me hungry!


Because every time I put aside some wad to treat myself to a box of favourite Robustos, something comes along and eats into the cash...

My sons turn 21 and 16 this week so significant gifts have had to be bought. I'm also putting money into a modest home recording studio here, and that's a big drain.

It's OK! We're not on the street in poverty, or anything like that, but money always disappears. I'm actually using my Zino humidor as a place to keep banknotes. I put my head in there regularly for a deep sniff - sooo beautiful, that cigar/cedar aroma - but when I take the bank notes out, they have absorbed the humidor smell. It's fantastic paying for petrol at the garage and handing over beautifully aromatic banknotes to the cashier!

I'll keep ticking over with two or three Villigers a day. I don't want to take the site downmarket, guys! I hope you'll let me keep coming to play now and again even though my locker is currently bare! :D

By the way... You won't catch me with anything really sh*t like a Hamlet! Well... that's what I think, anyway!

I can't chuck a couple into the raffle.

Am I still welcome? lol ;)


The Havana humidors in stores near your house, Deano - however expensively priced - would be a godsend in my part of Kent. There are no outlets. OK - Maybe the odd corner shop in Canterbury, but the cigars look totally dried out. Boxes are left on display... No humidor...

If a local off-licence had a humidor with the choice your photographs showed, Deano, I'd be walking there for a good one quite frequently.

I'd rather have to pay over-the-odds for a decent smoke now and again locally than not have the chance to buy a Cohiba or Partagas at all.

Smoking a great cigar is one of the most civilised things I do.