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15-08-2008, 02:21 PM
Sounds like Klingon, doesn't it? :)

Apologies if discussion of machine-made cigars is out of place on this board, but like I suspect a few others, I smoke small machine-made cigars between the more interesting hand-made indulgences! Mostly 'coz of finances, but also because I'm interested in almost any sort of cigar, from humble to exalted.

Anyway, a few years ago I took a trip to Amsterdam, as you do...and brought back a box of Justus van Maurik Sumatra Tuitknaks...which I thought looked pretty interesting. In case you don't know, tuitknaks are pointed at the tuck end i.e the end you light. Apparently, this gives the first few puffs more of the flavour of the wrapper and binder, and less of the filler, so enhancing the smoking experience (apparently). Now, my cigar taste buds are probably pretty under-developed, but I can't really spot much difference between the first few puffs of these, and later ones.

I only ever smoked about half of them, but they are generally pretty pleasant for a small machine-made cigar...and I wondered if anyone else had ever come across them, and what you made of them? I'm working my way through the rest of the box at present, and would be interested in your views...



15-08-2008, 02:48 PM
Ohhh never even heard about them. Thanks for writing about them - I'll be sure to get some if I ever go back.