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04-08-2009, 01:54 PM

Gauge 36, Length :125mm

I obtained this through my 1001cubans order, I was $96 in and needed a little cigar to topple it over the 100 buck minimum order mark. And this was the cigar! I could of ordered a Guantanamera, but I didnt want to do that (ever). It's a little tiny cigar compared to my other cubans I got today. It's a lousy tuesday with grey skies and I didnt really feel like smoking a big one, so this was perfect.

As you can probably guess lighting this was a breeze, the tiny gauge made sure of that, right away I was getting some punchy sharp flavors, draw was ok, i made sure not to go too hard on it because of the extra 'sucking power' you get with lower ring gauges.

Smoke was fair and the ash was burning a little dark. As I got down lower the flavors were becoming sweet, I almost got a liquorice kind of taste now and then, and occassionaly I had some nice cherry tones and lastly some beery/alcoholic tastes on the pallete.

I didnt fancy smoking a bigger cigar today so this perfectly suited my mood on this miserable tuesday. Overall it was an ok smoke, nice way to chop off 30-45 minutes of a slow going day. If I had a bigger humi I would buy a box of these for when I fancied a little smoke, but I wouldnt get one now because my humi is full anyway. I wasnt expecting much from this cigar, im not a huge fan of tiny gauges unless the cigar is excellent. If im being real honest, it was like smoking an upgraded castella with better flavors and from Cuba. Asside from nice flavors here and there and some cream tones, a rather unremarkable smoke, but played it roll in being a time waster quite well.

If youre looking to knock off 30 mins of a day, or you have a short break, have one, smokes nice, construction was nice, multitude of flavors for a little stick, no fuss, does the job, then get one (or some) of these.

Could of been made better if I had some visual buffs (Sunny day, no wind), but I had a grey tuesday on a slow day. So so.

6.75 Overall:
Didnt feel like giving it 6, but wasnt that remarkable for a fair 7. If the sun was out it would probably be more.

04-08-2009, 02:27 PM
Got the feel for the stick from that review MrB - thank you. :849:

I had spotted the Vegueros online before and wondered about them, especially as it appears to be a brand which H&F don't import.