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10-11-2008, 07:19 PM
...aka a 60-gauge unbanded stump NC torpedo cigar with a Connecticut wrapper, dubbed a SNUB by Monte who sent me this out-of-the-blue last week.

Monte had noted my penchant for a fat-girthed smoke. I estimate this cigar to be three pudgy inches long.

SMOKING CONDITIONS: All alone in my garden cabin last night enjoying the near-gale battering my hideaway on all sides. Brilliant!

APPEARANCE: A really substantial podgy cigar. Dense feel to it. Great to hold, and has a sort of comedy look to it which suits my nature perfectly. Very easy and comfortable to hold in the mouth (which is one of my preferred cigar smoking habits).
5 out of 5

AROMA: A fine, lingering earth-y smell. 3 out of 5

BURN: Regular from start to finish. No re-lighting required. Beautifully formed ash which I managed to hold on to until I tried to take a picture. Then it dropped to the floor ;(

I must commend this stick for the duration of the smoke. It lasted about 50 minutes and I was working the cigar quite hard throughout.

I must also mention the MASSIVE volume of smoke per draw. I adore being enveloped in a good cigar's smoke!
20 out of 20

TASTE: A sweet-tasting smoke. Vanilla seemed present. Never over-powering, but - conversely - it had a real kick to it on the tastebuds and nostrils.

I was aware of extra 'smell' because of the shortness of the cigar, and that made my eyes water once or twice - but it was GOOD eye-watering, I promise!

I prefer cigars which are a bit stronger than this, but I would recommend it to everyone as a thoroughly enjoyable smoke.
60 out of 70

TOTAL SCORE: 88/100.

A very pleasing smoke. A vitola that suits me. I'd smoke this again! :cowboyic9:



10-11-2008, 07:41 PM
Great review Bry, like the pix too:smoke: