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14-11-2008, 08:24 AM
Cigar Size 7x52

Indonesia Wrapper - Nicaraguan long/short fillers

This new bundled line is made by Miura Cigars in Nicaragua. Sandwich refers to the style of making cigars utilizing both long and short pieces of tobacco, but still not a short-fill cigar. This is the most common style of cigars smoked by the Cuban people since they are inexpensive and usually burn better than some long-fill cigars. Havana Sandwich is a medium body and strength cigar with the taste of coffee, cocoa, nuts and leather.


The 1st stick on the left :smoke: (I think that this is one of Monte's pics :)

Construction:- 5/5

This is a good and well construncted cigar, nicely packed, but has that very slight squeeziness to it, but there was a small amount of tobacco that was missing from the open end of the cigar, but this doesn't take away from the overall constuction and so, I'm still happy to give it a 5.

Draw:- 5/5

There's a nice smooth and easy draw to this cigar, which is definitely a plus becaus it allows for more enjoyment from the various flavours that the cigar has to offer.

Aroma:- 5/5

Generally I found the aroma for this cigar to have a leathery scent, with a sweeter scent mixed in, which is definitely pleasant and enjoyable.

Ash:- 4/5

Very good ash on this little number, from I fired up the ash stayed solid and was about 1.5" before it happily dropping into the ashtry, but as I went along, the ash started to be less clean cut and a quite flakey, but this didn't take away from the enjoyment of the cigar itself :)

Burn:- 17/20

The burn level on this cigar reminds me of a sillouhette of a distant mountain range or like the points of a crown, but in saying that, it does burn down evenly in the general sense and so, I don't think of that being a bad thing, as it doesn't ruin any of the cigar's taste and flavours, and so I'm still happy to give it a good score.

Taste:- 55/60

Upon lighting up and taking the first few puffs to get it going, I noticed a somewhat dry spicy taste, that mellowed out again after a fewmore draws.

There is a slight sweet and creamy taste to this cigar, which reminds me of a good cappuccino, as well as the mild hint of cedar and a very slight leather kinda taste, generally though the flavours in this cigar a nicely blended and generally have a smooth taste, but on top of that, I the spicy taste had returned, which is a nice addition to the flavours that this cigar has already got to offer.

Overall:- 91/100

This is a well rounded mild to medium bodied cigar, with a smoothe and easy draw, a wide blend of flavours that would suit just about anyone's palette and a pleasant aroma to match.

I think that this is a cigar for just about anyone to enjoy and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good stogie.

Willie :smoke:

14-11-2008, 07:03 PM
I think you should have posted a bigger picture!!!!:rolleyes::biggrin1::p

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Willie :smoke:

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Great review, Willie! :smoke:

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EDIT, Pic changed :)

It felt like a fortnight had passed before finding the frickin "EDIT" button :lol:

Willie :smoke:

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :)

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P.S. Next to be reviewed is an unbranded NC maduro churchill, to which I'm going to enjoy reviewing :smoke:

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Top review Willie!:cowboyic9: