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04-12-2008, 12:28 AM
Info from Cigars Review:


I bought two of these tubos from a convenience store in Dover, of all places, as well as a couple of Cohiba Robustos. I got the Cohibas for a fiver each and two Monarchs for ?10 per stick. Dean - a member on here who lives not far from me - tipped me off that the shop had a number of stogies that were vastly under-priced. (I've seen the Monarchs listed at between ?18 and ?20 online!). Needless to say, I got in my car and drove to the shop immediately. I've been back since and they are now selling only crap cigars, which is a shame.

• Wrapper: Indonesia, USA/ Connecticut
• Binder: Dominican Republic
• Filler: Domican Republic, Mexico
• Handmade in La Romana, Dominican Republic

One of Cuba's oldest cigar brands, the H.Upmann selection cigars combines medium-bodied taste with first-class construction and consistency, making it a dependable favorite of any smoker.

The cigars review site says these are super cigars after 20 years of ageing lol!

It's late, so I will say I've just spent nearly two hours smoking this stick. It's thinner and much, much longer than a robusto. I'm not used to monster-sized cigars!

It was satisfying but far milder than I like. It has a beautiful smell, and the draw was very easy and consistently smooth. It tasted herb-y. Not at all peppery, and... in truth... a bit too banal for my tastebuds.

I guess I like a cigar to relax me, and I know I will sleep very easily after this because I'm mellow as mellow can be!

I've had quite a lot of discussions with people who say that you shouldn't smoke before bed because cigars are a stimulant. I always find that to be the opposite for me, and I'd be interested in anyone else's view on that. I'm a bad sleeper, and cigars send me off to la-la land really easily.

This was apparently machine-made. Big volumes of smoke. It burned pretty quickly, but (as I said) still lasted nearly two hours with about three re-lights.

It's not going to replace any of my favourites, and I think it would suit a starter smoker rather than any of us old bruisers.

Nevertheless, me and my dog had a great time working at it in the house all to ourselves.

Oh! The poetry of a good cigar moment!

It won't make me elect for longer cigars, though no doubt other more complex long stogies would.

No rating tonight. I'm tripping lol.

In conclusion, I'm more than satisfied!

It's worth trying, folks. Especially at a bargain price. :cowboyic9: