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13-12-2008, 12:04 PM
Does anyone believe in fate?
I mean... bad coincidences?
Strings of bad luck? Major or minor?

Last week, my car wouldn't start, so I had the AA out and they told me I had to replace the batterey there and then. It made me late for a gig. I hate that. I'm usually the first or second to arrive, because I have a lot of kit, and also want/need a good slot in the line-up. There's little worse than carrying your stuff into a venue like an anus when everyone is ready to go, and the public is restless lol.

I went to get a tyre replaced during the week. I knew I had one that was near death, but I ended up replacing all four to be within the law.

Last night, driving 30 miles to a gig, my car suddenly sounded like a hovercraft on its way out of Dover Harbour. I had one of those kangaroo journeys. I limped to the gig in low gear, and then home afterwards like a pensioner on a Sunday jaunt. The revs screamed throughout. I went down to my garage this morning and they fitted me a new coil for ?50 - which was what I suspected needed doing. Now my car is like a smooth palace again.

I'm just pleased the hardcore snot and mucus have receded sufficiently fo me to have fired up a Punch Punch half an hour ago, and for me to be in toking bliss.

Those events one after the other caused no major pain in any way. Sometimes I'm just so pleased I like this cigar habit of ours. When you hit upon a good cigar, troubles just fade away for the length and strength of the stogie. It can be sublime to smoke.

I can't afford to be a daily Havana boy. There is a blessing to that because when I sit down to relax with a good one - like I am now - I go into a sort of psycho-sexual-sweet-dreams-taste-explosion state which cheers me up immeasurably.

I know cigar preferences are very personal. This Punch Punch is giving me taste thrills like all the best cigars I've enjoyed over the years. It's a really complex and deeply satisfying stick. The satisfaction is doubtless enhanced by having been in several days of snot purdah when to smoke a cigar would have been idiotic and impossible.

I can say - in absolute honesty - that I'm lovin' it! :cowboyic9:
I've also decided to keep a picture of every single good stick moment lol.
Sorry, Joan Miro.


13-12-2008, 05:42 PM
My bad luck ALWAYS comes in threes!!!!:confused: