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29-05-2010, 09:55 PM
Just smoked the Arturo Fuente Hemingway 'Between the Lines'. This is a bit of a silly review since this cigar is so hard to come by, even in the USA. I managed to get one of these in a trade some months ago. My main motivation for trading being that I like the AF Hemingway 'Short Story' as a cheap quick smoke and was curious what a higher end Hemingway was like.

Not only is the BTL quite rare, it is also damn expensive. The MSRP is 15$, but due to its rarity, you will basically not be able to find it at the MSRP. Expect to pay between 20-30$ for what remains a rather short cigar even though it is a bit bigger than the 'Short Story'.

I lit this cigar up expecting to be a bit disappointed, unfortunately I was...

Looks: Unusual looking barber pole figurado. Great to bring to parties to impress the yokels. 5/5

Construction: The ash on this baby did not fall off until I accidentally dropped it into my cigar bowl... of course before I managed to take a picture. Another great party trick : the super long ash. Other than the ash, the draw was very good although the burn was uneven. 4/5

Flavour: It really started out great... for the first 5 minutes. I was getting excited, then quickly got bored. Pepper that started out subtle but increased in magnitude until it was overbearing and a bit harsh for me. Sweet spice background of anise and later ginger. Also a strong green grass taste. Thats all she wrote. Oh ; medium to full flavoured, but very light bodied. Uncomplex, overbearing, honestly I would take the short story over this at like 4$ a pop any day ! 2/5

Overall: alotta hype, little value for the buck 2/5

Best part is prolly the pics (now I am off to smoke something better :) ) :

29-05-2010, 10:01 PM
man bummer! smoked quite a few of these in the past and thought they were pretty decent. recently tried one myself and did not much care for it either!

i have been wondering if maybe age will ruin a good nc? i have had some before that i let sit for several years and did not care for them after that.

how old was your hemingway? they sure do look cool! i believe they were the first to do the barber pole cigar. could be wrong about that though.