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03-06-2010, 07:54 PM
This is gonna be a rather short review for me. I had written out a long one a few days ago but due to problems with cookies or something on the forum I lost it and i'm too lazy to write the whole thing out again...

Arturo Fuente Hemingway 'Between the Lines'

This is one of those super rare cigars that AF makes only once a year and are quite hard to find. I got mine on a trade. MSRP is 15$ but due to rareity you will rarely find these on sale for less than 25-30$. I was curious to try the higher end of the Hemingway line because I quite like the 'Short Story' as a quick cheap smoke. I was prepared for disapointment though and thats what I kinda got:

Looks: Great to bring to a party, you will be sure to impress with its looks 5/5

Construction: Super long ash (goes with looks, should impress), a bit of a wavy burn that needed some correction, very good draw 4/5

Flavour: What can I say. This cigar was way too light bodied for me and left me unsatisfied enough to light up another cigar right away, which is rare for me. I have lost my notes for the detailed flavour but I remember finding it to be rather one dimensional with too much pepper and a bit of grass. I much prefer the Short Story and that goes for less than 5 bucks ! 2/5

Overall: Well it looks cool 3/5

And now the pics...




EDIT: I don't know why these links are broken, maybe an admin can fix this. Anyways you can find the pics in my review album.