View Full Version : A Fuente Rosado Gran Reserva

28-07-2010, 04:18 PM
A Fuente cigars have become mundane for me, so I usually pass them by when looking for new and interesting smokes at a cigar shop. I almost did that yesterday, but a lone box of subtlely distinctive Fuentes caught my eye. I took a closer look and was impressed by its reddish, deep oily brown wrapper. The band was much like a typical Fuente band, but in small letters under the logo said "Rosado Gran Reserva." First I had heard of this line, which is apparently a limited edition. I bought a robusto, smoked it last night, and will definitely be buying more.

Taste - A full-bodied flavor. The cigar started with leather, raisin, and a bit of light fruit. By the middle portion of the cigar, it picked up a hint of chocolate and spice while maintaining its sweet, leathery tobacco core. Toward the end, the flavors started tapering off to a solid leathery tobacco with just a hint of sweetness. Overall, a well balanced flavor profile. The finish was pleasant and long-lasting.

Burn - It burned evenly from start to finish and didn't need to be relit. The ash was solid and didn't flake off in the outdoor breeze.

Appearance - Reddish, oily deep brown wrapper with lots of tooth and some veins.

Aroma - I smoked outside while walking, so I didn't get enough of the aroma to comment on it.

Conclusion - The Rosado Gran Reserva is the best A Fuente I've smoked. It was complex and flavorful, burned perfectly, and had a nice finish that stayed with me for a couple of hours. The sweet, moderately complex flavor combines with a hassle-free burn and construction for a pleasant smoke.