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El Catador
10-09-2011, 10:04 PM
So... the topic should be self explanatory really.
They say "confession is good for the soul".. well, here's the place to begin the healing.

All you have to do is... 'confess something' (could be anything).. just as long as you're secretly ashamed of it.

"So, spill your guts.. we're all friends here... no one will judge you.
Trust me, it's all good."
(Until you sober up obviously)

Right, I'll start shall I? (silence)

(Takes a deep breath) OK, it's like this... in a rash moment of madness I recently bought a 3D TV (I know! Don't look at me), and... although I should be ashamed to admit it... I'm finding myself 'goggling' at it in stupified wonder. It's so 'Bonkers'... I love it.

So here I am... sat like a true 'wally' with 'me specs' on watching 'Tron Legacy' in eye-popping glory...
...And... (Oh God, could this get any worse?) It's true! I confess it... it's connected to a PS3... and I can't wait to play 'Uncharted 3'.
(Oh God... I'm a nerd)

Right, anybody know where I can buy some 3D Blu-Ray porn?

OK, who's next??

"Wow! What a relief... that feels great".
(How about you?)

10-09-2011, 10:39 PM
*Puts hand up, not drunk at this moment in time*... I've got a confession, it's sort of hard for me to admit this but... since we're all friends here, I too am a 3D JUNKIE, I JUST NEED A FIX


^ Click me.

Seriously, I do need help.

10-09-2011, 11:22 PM
I am addicted to spending money when I don't have it

12-09-2011, 11:28 AM
I'm at work right now so I better not be drunk! Me and my wife both have small cars but with a baby and all the paraphernalia they require I've decided that one of us needs a new car...... I need a new car. Did I do the sensible thing and go trawling around the second hand market looking for a reasonably priced and reliable MPV? No. I started test driving new hatch backs and have just signed on the dotted line for a car that I can just about afford comfortably. So there is a big initial deposit and I told myself over and over that I would really tighten my belt and not splash out on anything over the next few months.

What did I do but moments ago? Order a couple of boxes of cigars :doh: