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  1. An Introduction to our Whisky Tasting Season – Episode 2

    Hi & welcome back to my whisky Blog.

    Episode 2 is a bit different from episode. It is more about tasting and my feeble attempt at some notes rather than telling a story about the whole adventure.

    I had more views for episode 1 than my introductory Blog see if I can beat episode 1 with episode 2.

    Got a dram and a good Cuban? Good let's get going then......

    This tasting was in York on 22nd Sept. It is part of the York Food & Drink Festival. ...
  2. An Introduction to our Whisky Tasting Season – Episode 1

    Welcome to the second instalment of my whisky tasting season blog and thank you for coming back.

    My advice would be to pour a dram and light up then sit back and read on. Hopefully you will finish reading before you finish smoking. I did try to condense as much as possible but really struggled to keep the word count down. Can you let me know if is too long and I’ll try to keep future blogs shorter.

    I got back from Glasgow on Sunday and have just about recovered. Too ...
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  3. An Introduction to our Whisky Tasting Season

    Hi, I have a few whisky tasting events booked for the remainder of the year and thought it might be interesting to do a sort of diary of the events.

    Whisky tasting events are quite like exhibitions. Spirit companies bring some of their current products for the visitors to taste and discuss and in some cases review. The whisky on offer ranges from special editions, aged and rare whiskies, whiskies new to the market and whiskies that have been available for a while. These present a great ...
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