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  1. Review - Winston Churchill Lancaster

    I've got some more cigar reviews in the pipeline so stay tuned!

    The ‘Lancaster’ is a larger version of the famous ‘Spitfire’ cigar by Winston Churchill. They were blended by Davidoff (assisted by Winston’s grandson) in a Belicoso format, providing a great smoke.


    Wow! This has got to be one of the best surprises of the year! The Lancaster is a great tasting high quality cigar at a ridiculously low price. The cigar has ...
  2. FAQ - My Humidor Is Far Bigger Than I Need – Is This Bad?

    Another famous question. You go out, buy a HUGE humidor that you will never be able to fill up. This way you will never run out of space, but is there any drawbacks?

    Yes, if your humidor is designed to hold a large quantity of cigars (e.g. 200) and you only have a few cigars in it (e.g. 40) then your cigars will absorb all of the extra moisture that was meant to be absorbed by the other cigars. This can cause them to become over-humidified leading to some pretty major issues.

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  3. FAQ - My Cigars Are Over-Humidified!

    I was emailed this question a while back, and I thought that I would post a reply on here in case anyone else needed help.

    Over-humidification is a very common problem, and usually there are measures that can be put into place to save the cigars. The key is to check the humidity levels regularly so you can spot over or under humidification at an early stage.

    To fix over-humidification you should get some cedar strips (can be purchased from a lot of cigar shops or ...

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