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  1. Arr enough rambling onto something better (yeah i cant sleep)

    After my little rambling post and a martini i decide to hit the hay but my body things otherwise so now im up deciding on a nice martini variation to go with my sweetish cigars like perdomo champagne noir robustos or auto fuente chateau fuente robustos.

    Now im thinking of something sweet and smooth but also sour and salty to balance the flavours and i think ive found the perfect gin tanqueray rangpur to be exact its meant to be like Beefeater 24 IMO but with more citrus flavour because ...

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  2. The wasted RASCC

    Well as Deano got these working for me ive decided to post something that happened to me today that had me between fits of laughter and just downright disgust.

    Today after the last few weeks of hard work re decorating my house decided to just pretty much laze about and have a easy day after a quick lunch and a el credito that arrived today i decided to pull out a RASCC and just enjoy the next hour or two relaxing in my (our if my girlfriend is around but shes a completely different ...
  3. The smoking shed.

    I have no idea how to do this right but i think im going to start documenting my smokes here and anything els for that matter i dont plan to word it like a review i prefer typing like im talking to people.

    PS. if you cant read between the lines of my spelling and grammar then kindly piss off.


    I think we will begin on the topic of H.Upmann Connie No1

    A cigar i seem to smoke by the box when young (under 2 years IMO) they are mild and grassy ...