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    Well that wasn't too uplifting
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    I was going to comment on the hilarity that you have to explain Euchre to these Brits (pretty common Canadian game ).
    But the last bit is kinda depressing, there... :/
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    Ah! LT. Butters being a sensible man. Good times
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeeJay
    'Coloured' - oops, showing your age there Simon
    It was good enough for Lou Reid '....and the coloured girls go do do, do do, do do'.
    It was written with the language we used at the time & hardly Agatha Christie's Ten Little Clarkson's?
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    Never a dull moment!

    You have a natural way of bringing your stories to life Simon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Bolivar View Post
    thatís when the mistake was realised, some senior officer had screwed up & put these two teams out together
    oh looooord!

    nothing else made me say that though . with all these things going on within triages and without pre-ambles, i wouldn't even have guessed it was a war scene!!
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    'Coloured' - oops, showing your age there Simon
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    Aye, as it was sunk outside of the Exclusion zone it wasn't thought cricket to have sunk it but if the USofA had sunk it there, no one would have batted an eye!
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    3/52 = Three Weeks. Sounds like a brief honeymoon to me.
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    I prefer to think of it as a love story PJ, guess you missed the weeks of building up to this episode. Anyway hope you don't find the rest of the series to dull after this.
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    Maggie took a lot of flak for the sinking of the Belgrano but I always felt that it was a strategically important blow, it showed the Argentine people what their idiot leaders had led them into.
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    First time I've dipped in and I hit soft porn, result!
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    Another gripping read Simon
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    Love that comical ending there!
    But i'm not sure of your time usages. "he had only just got married 3/52 before to a..." What is the 3/52 supposed to mean? Darn language barriers...
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    Keep em coming Simon, loving these