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  1. Review - Winston Churchill Lancaster

    I've got some more cigar reviews in the pipeline so stay tuned!

    The ‘Lancaster’ is a larger version of the famous ‘Spitfire’ cigar by Winston Churchill. They were blended by Davidoff (assisted by Winston’s grandson) in a Belicoso format, providing a great smoke.


    Wow! This has got to be one of the best surprises of the year! The Lancaster is a great tasting high quality cigar at a ridiculously low price. The cigar has ...
  2. City Arms Real Ale Tasting - Dark Star Espresso and Nelson Swashbuckler

    This Saturday saw myself and the other half go down to the City Arms in the centre of Cardiff to try some of the Real Ale’s that they have available. The City Arms over the last few years has gained a following amongst Real Ale lovers in the capital due to the guest Ale’s they have in stock.

    Along with the guest Ale’s, the City Arms run events, and even a Beer Club. Only two weeks ago they held a week long American Beer Festival, where they had a range of U.S. Beers on Tap, along ...
  3. A Quick Smoke - Partagas Serie P No. 2

    Tonight's Thursday Night smoke is one of the most popular Cigars in the Partagas range in recent years. The Partagas P2 is a behemoth of a Cigar, full bodied, complex and very, very tasty.

    One of my favourite big smokes, I find the Partagas P2 one of the best Cigars to come out of Cuba in recent years. Since it’s release in 2005, they have been consistently great. I find myself choosing these above any other Torpedo shaped Cigar. Whether it is the Bolivar Belicosos Finos, the ...
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  4. Neckbeards and Teenage Critics

    From my outbursts on the hoyo thread, I realised we need to talk, we need to talk US cigar sites. Now any Americans on here, we love you okay so don't start flag-waving shouting "we saved your ass God-dammit!!" ...wait friend, be still, be informed. The issue here is the huge number of idiots on cigar sites (sadly yes American in the whole) largely because you guys fill the interwebs with your guff, which is fine, and we Brits still use wood and blue child slave technology, although now ...

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  5. A Quick Smoke in the Fox: Juan Lopez Petit Corona

    This weekend I was back in the homeland - Carmarthen in West Wales for to visit the folks. This visit also gives me the opportunity to visit the local pub - The Fox & Hounds in Bancyfelin. Along with two Real Ale's always available, there's a good sized beer garden that is a perfect area for a smoke and a pint.

    After four or five pints of the excellent Dark Age from the The Celt Experience, I retired outside to smoke a Juan Lopez Petit Corona. I've recently bought ...
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