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  1. Cohiba Esplendido Fakies - Thorough Explanation

    In my first blog post about SPOTTING FAKE CIGARS, I said I would get meself a fakie and explain what one could find in a fake box. Or what one could EXPECT to find. Here, I have the word's most common fakies: the esplendido.

    Anyways, here's the box:
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	IMG-20130531-00571.jpg 
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Name:	IMG-20130531-00570.jpg 
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Name:	IMG-20130531-00569.jpg 
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Name:	IMG-20130531-00568.jpg 
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  2. My Falklands Story Part 11: This one's for Tippex!

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Bolivar View Post
    I appreciate all those who are taking the time to read my story but especially those who make a few supportive comments, as that has helped me carry on. Anyone one making a comment to this thread (EVEN JUST +1 or smilie) will be eligable to enter an cigar action next week. Enjoy.

    Part 11: 23rd - 25th May: The Darkest Days

    23rd May: Antelope was hit by an Argentine 1000lb bomb that failed to explode. This was due to the bombs being released so low (as the Argentine planes
  3. A Quick Smoke: Bolivar Coronas Extra

    Monday night has meant Game of Thrones in the smoking room the past ten weeks. Tonight is the season finale, so it was time to kick back and watch the last episode for this year unfold. And what best way to watch such quality television is with a good drink and a Cuban Cigar?

    I can't tell you enough how much I've gotten into this drama from HBO over the last two to three months. Game of Thrones is not forgiving for the characters who play a part in each episode. I'm ...

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  4. Habanos SA deletions. Never say never?

    Every year, Habanos SA, the company that handles all the manufacturing and distribution of Cuban Cigars draw up a list of what sizes from what brands will be discontinued. Habanos SA have never given publicly reason why a certain Cuban Cigar gets the chop. Maybe their senior executives huddle in a room, throw darts at a board, play stogie Russian roulette or even participate in a knock out tournament of Sensible Soccer representing their least favourite Cigar.

    Most people agree ...
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  5. Neckbeards and Teenage Critics

    From my outbursts on the hoyo thread, I realised we need to talk, we need to talk US cigar sites. Now any Americans on here, we love you okay so don't start flag-waving shouting "we saved your ass God-dammit!!" ...wait friend, be still, be informed. The issue here is the huge number of idiots on cigar sites (sadly yes American in the whole) largely because you guys fill the interwebs with your guff, which is fine, and we Brits still use wood and blue child slave technology, although now ...

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