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  1. A Quick Smoke: Bolivar Coronas Extra

    Monday night has meant Game of Thrones in the smoking room the past ten weeks. Tonight is the season finale, so it was time to kick back and watch the last episode for this year unfold. And what best way to watch such quality television is with a good drink and a Cuban Cigar?

    I can't tell you enough how much I've gotten into this drama from HBO over the last two to three months. Game of Thrones is not forgiving for the characters who play a part in each episode. I'm ...

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  2. My Cigar Bio

    I tried my first cigar when I was about 15 at my friend's 18th birthday party. Everyone was smoking them but o-one really appreciated them like I did. After that I immediately became addicted. But because I live in Northern Ireland, and I was underage I couldn't get my hands on one. So I decided to order some online. My first pack was a 10 box of Cohiba Splendidos. A single cost me $25:00 and all ten cost $175. It was expensive but it was worth it. It was after my first box that my habit really ...
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  3. Quick guide to types of cigar for the newbie

    Style of Cigars

    Each Cigar has a distinct style and taste. They are the epitome of class for some people who purchase them and a sign of their success. In the industry, cigars are classified according to their size and shape. For years, names such as Corona, Panatela and Robusto, both names derived from the length and width of the cigar were commonplace in the Cigar industry. Nowadays the name of the cigar size may vary amongst manufacturers.


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  4. My life through the smoke of others.

    I'm 34 this year and other than a bit of playing around when I was younger I have never smoked. However, I have been around people who have in one form or another so I thought I would write a little something about them, their habits and how they have helped shape my life as it is now.

    I will start with my father. As a young man he worked at Players here in Nottingham and, like all workers at that time, got a tobacco allowance as part of the standard benefits, This allowance he used ...
  5. Flavoured cigars, how to make them

    Flavoured cigars are a cigar thats been aged in a flavour. Eg: a whisky barrel, vanilla etc. They give off a mild smoke and a very interesting tast.

    they can be made using a very simple methode.

    Step 1
    Get a good quality mild to medium-mild strengh cigar, any colour will work.

    Step 2
    Get a flavouring of your choice. Rum and wisky work exeptionally well. Things like vanilla flavouring, orange, lemon consontrate also work well it all depends on ...
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