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Flavoured cigars, how to make them

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Flavoured cigars are a cigar thats been aged in a flavour. Eg: a whisky barrel, vanilla etc. They give off a mild smoke and a very interesting tast.

they can be made using a very simple methode.

Step 1
Get a good quality mild to medium-mild strengh cigar, any colour will work.

Step 2
Get a flavouring of your choice. Rum and wisky work exeptionally well. Things like vanilla flavouring, orange, lemon consontrate also work well it all depends on your chosen flavour and personal choice.

Step 3
Put a small shot glass or like a whisky bottle lid on the bottom of an air tight jar. Fill the glass/lid with your chosen flavour whisky, vanilla etc

Step 4
Place the cigars in the jar and put the lid on tight. Allow the jar with the cigars to rest in a dark room for a few days, after that check their not to humid. If their not re tighten lid and leave for a few weeks again in a dark place.

Steo 5
Light up and enjoy, the actual humid period in the jar depends on the chosen flavour desired by the user so just keep lighting up and testing untill your happy with the flavour.

Just a little blog for yous, thanks for looking

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  1. Eddie's Avatar
    Keep lighting the same one? Or put a bunch of sticks in the jar?
  2. Wardjrz's Avatar
    Thanks for this Berry 1 I may have an Ardbeg flavoured Cuaba Divino in a few weeks.
    Now that's a combination to make the mouth water!
  3. berry1's Avatar
    Eddie- It depends on the size of the jar and the amount of flavouring used. The general idea is to put about 2-4 in the jar, then light one of them every few weeks till your happy with the flavour then they should all be perfectly to your tast.

    Wardjrz- Haha mate it sertanly is.

    The general idea is that the flavouring will vaporize (sorry i think thats the word, cant think today lol) in the jar and the cigars over a matter of weeks will absorb the flavouring. Its crucial though that you dont add too much flavouring so after a few days open the jar and check the cigars aint to moist if their not then re seal and leave for a few weeks if they are to moist leave the jar lid off for a day then re seal.

    Ps some people like to balance the cigars over the flavouring useing spanish cedar at both sides of the jar this is ment to make the flavouring more wide spread through the jar heres a diagram.

  4. berry1's Avatar