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My Cigar Bio

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I tried my first cigar when I was about 15 at my friend's 18th birthday party. Everyone was smoking them but o-one really appreciated them like I did. After that I immediately became addicted. But because I live in Northern Ireland, and I was underage I couldn't get my hands on one. So I decided to order some online. My first pack was a 10 box of Cohiba Splendidos. A single cost me $25:00 and all ten cost $175. It was expensive but it was worth it. It was after my first box that my habit really kicked in, I found myself ordering a 10 box every week. Luckily I was working at the time and I could afford them. I was on two of the Cohibas a day, and they were 7 inch cigars. I also bought a few different smaller cigars each day for smoking in the car.

It was at my 18th birthday party that I found a new love for cigars, my friends hired a stripper for my party and things got more than a bit wild. She was very attractive and really outgoing, we got on well and before I knew it we were making out. She came home with me and I lost my virginity in my apartment. This is where the cigar comes in, she noticed them in my pocket and that I was smoking them all night. So she suggested I smoke one while we had sex. So, I did, I ended up using the cigar for a lot more than smoking. Now every time I sleep with a girl I smoke a cigar while we do it. It's exciting and makes you feel strong, manly and empowered. You can pleasure eachother with the cigar or blow smoke anywhere. You have to try it!

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    i suppose it takes all kinds.........