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    So I was recommended the Nostrano Clandestino to try..... So I thought why not, my expectations going in not very high as its an Italian hand finished but not handmade short filler cigar. It does however have a unique look.

    But still I was expecting nothing more than a fancy looking Castella smoke. Anyway on the pre light I got a herby hay sweetness which is right up my street.

    Upon lighting, well that herbaceous flavour was very present an almost oregano flavour with a slight tnagy sweet vanilla profile to it..... Absloutely floored by that flavour it presents and continues and as we get into a further white pepper only slight adds itself to the mix not overpowering the herby sweetness but complimenting it as that white pepper goes on it adds a every so slight coffee bitterness but again one that compliments the flavours that are still present.

    The smoke is creamy and smooth and for a short filler lasted a good 20 to 30 minutes in the Garden, but it completely subverted my expectations, a rustic looking cigar an unsusal looking one almost cartoon like in appearance, but good grief it's a little flavour bomb not super strong a good cigar for someone new. A real treat for the more experienced cigar smoker, its far more flavourful than I had been thinking and is simply a quality short filler hand finished cigar well worth the price of 9.99.

    Really impressed.
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    Sometimes, I have found that the cigars that you have low expectations of are the most satisfying. Maybe that says more about my mindset than the cigar. This one does sound like a nice one that would be worth trying.