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  • Dubrovnik

    I’m heading there next year for my honeymoon, I’ve so far missed out on trips to Vegas and Italy (where I was due to be married) so felt a holiday abroad next summer would be safe. Does anybody have any experience of Dubrovnik? Is there much choice? How are the prices?

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    I was there a couple of years ago. There was an LCDH near the seafront in Lapad but I believe it is now shut down.
    A couple of shops outside the walls sold singles but not a great selection or price.
    There is, however, The Havana Cigar Shop in Split if you can squeeze in a day or two there. A very decent selection.


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      Oh that's such a shame that LCDH is shut down, they had a great selection. I've never been to Havana Cigar Shop but my friends told me that they have small but a good selection. Anyways with the LCDH is shut down there are not many options.


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        I’ve got plenty of time to plan I suppose. Someone who works for me is off to Malta this week so I’ll be asking her to price up some sticks while she’s there.


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          Ditchboy81 just wondering what if anything you found in Dubrovnik as I am off there next month.

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