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Top Cigars thread - tracking the best of Cuba

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  • Top Cigars thread - tracking the best of Cuba

    So I was thinking....over the years there's been those cigars that *really* stick out and are must haves. Some of them I happen on by chance having had a few and quickly store some away, others I don't hear about until too late.

    I'm thinking (from my memory and experience, you guys would know a lot more) of cigars like:

    Ramon Allones Allones Extra 2011 LE
    Montecristo 520 2012 LE
    Diplomaticos Espana Privada 2012 RE
    Ramon Allones Phoenica
    The recent Juan Lopez Francia Punto 55

    There's no doubt I want to keep some stock back as an investment at some point, but I'm also tired of an average experience across dozens of expensive cigars trying to find that elusive great - I just don't smoke enough now to doo it!

    So lets start this thread and see if we can narrow down on current releases what is the top top smokes to smoke now and for future glory.

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    Bolivar Soberanos seems as good as any in recent years, reviews have almost exclusively put them down as a future great.


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      I second Alex on the Soberanos.

      Others of note from the last three years:


      2016: Trinidad Topes (but we already know that)


      2016: ERdM Choix du Roi

      2017: ERdM Kon Tiki 1973 I haven't smoked any of these yet but boxes are selling like hot cakes, they are nearly sold ou despite the high price tag, the 109 vitola and the fact that they come in a 50 cab alone make these a no brainer. They almost never show up on the secondary market, people are holding on to these.

      PL Coronas 5th Avenue Low box run, 50 cab, already expensive and very good smokes!

      2018: LGC Orgullosos 109 vitola, no stock left at the distributor, already smoking nice but a little too young IMO. Boxes can still be found, one that's not to be missed. My money is on (and in) this one!

      Punch Sir David DC in a 50 cab. Almost impossible to score!

      Underdog IMO: QdO Capitolio even though still available (high box run) I'm pretty sure that this one will be sought after and very tasty in a few years. They smoked extremely good young, the last one I had wasn't that good, not to smoke again before 2021.


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        For me the Trinidad Topes EL 2016 stands out as a shining beacon.
        Runners up are:
        - Bolivar Soberano, this is going to be as good as it gets.
        - LGC Orgulosos ER Suissa already is a fabulous smoke - it?s going to be a ton of fun

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          Bolivar Soberanos
          ERdM Choix du Roi... Perfection!
          La Escepcion Don Jose
          Diplomaticos Deputado ..... This is a beaut!
          Montecristo Dumas... Chocolate bomb
          Montecristo 80
          Cohiba Medio Siglo
          Partagas 2017 EL


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            Certainly sounds like the Bolivar Soberanos are the buy for now; a lot of the others are gonna be hard to find!


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              Top Cigars thread - tracking the best of Cuba

              Yeah I forgot the LE DJ, bloody hell I wish I?d been into the game when those were released [emoji41]

              Yeah - I?m very deep in Soberano [emoji13]


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                Add the NL Por Larra?aga Gran Robusto to the list. Still available and outstanding.

                I've also loved the more recent Juan Lopez GB RE. Pricey at ?250 a box but fantastic nevertheless....


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                  La escepcion don jose... astounding.
                  medio siglo are a modern classic in the making

                  but dip2’s ... the best boxes with age on a warm evening...l perfection
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                    No one had mentioned the Talisman & after all that hype too; I passed on them. The ERDM Elegantes also missed, I bought a couple of boxes purely as an investment. I love this brand & the vitola but can't see them being worth the price even in 5-10years but make money they certainly will. Although there was 3,500 boxes so I'll bide my time & sell on my retirement.

                    I have invested in two jars of Boli Poderosos & an unopened box of RA German ER 898's, the later I hope to smoke in due course. Have an opened box & they are coming on nicely.
                    Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela.


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                      I had one Talisman and wasn't impressed...considering the prices I can't seem them being a huge investment 'potential'