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How long to keep a cigar?

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  • How long to keep a cigar?

    Right, trying to get my post count up, but really difficult as I live near Edinburgh and work in Windsor and never seem to have time to get on the forum, or come to think of it the time to have a cigar. Must be close on 2 weeks since my last one

    But back to my question. I have had about a box of Punch double coronas sitting in my humidor for close on 8 years, used to be one of my favourite cigars and I seemed to have more time back then to enjoy them!

    They have been looked after and have moved them around the humidor, top to bottom on a regular basis, but got to wondering whether I should think about smoking them in case they will get past their best

    Actually just had a look in the other humidor and found nestling under a mixture of cigars a H. Upmann Connossieur No. 1 that must be about 12years old

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    Check this thread out mate.....

    Love Life - Love Cigars


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      Should have done a search

      Good info.


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        Have decided to try one today and will post back my impressions


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          After lighting up and smoking the first 3/4" thought that I had made a mistake in keeping them for so long as it seemed very mild, but then the flavours started to develop as I got further down and they just kept on building. Very rounded flavours and it just got better and better

          Really pleased and ended up with a bit of a buzz, shall be having a few more when I have the time to devote to such a big cigar