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Recommendations Please

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    Recommendations Please

    As stated above go single first - lots of non costly opportunity there and everything?s usually available then later except perhaps for Opus X[emoji41]

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      Originally posted by MR. BROWN View Post
      My local retailer has the Olivia V Double Robusto .... already anxious to try.

      So much to learn. The anticipation in all that lies before me is ‘mouth watering’ !

      ( Father seems to be a recurring theme re: that which I seek. )

      get one bought sir and give it a try!


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        Some NCs are absolute nicotine blasters - double robusto may be a little much to begin with, but I'll let you find out yourself


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          I would rate the Alec Bradley Prensado (Lost Art) Churchill - a fantastic smoking cigar, great flavours develop throughout the smoke.
          i don’t think you can go wrong with any of the My Father cigars. I would second the Le Bijou, but also recommend The Judge toro.
          The Undercrown “Flying Pig” very dark wrapper, stubby, with a pigtail, but a deliciously
          mild smoking cigar - good value too!
          Arturo Fuente Lost City - when you want to spice things up, is well worth trying - a power house of a cigar....gorgeous in my book
          Partagas 1845 (Honduran) is a great little smoke - maybe too short for you, but it has to be a favourite everyday smoke of mine


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            Agree with most of the cigars already mentioned here. Nub cigars are good too.


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              Alec Bradley Black Market can have a nicotine kick as can Olivia V.


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                La Aroma de Caribe (La Aroma de Cuba in the US)
                Oliva Melanio
                CAO Flathead
                CAO Brazil
                CAO Italy (a strange cigar, but good. Very different in flavour than anything else I tried before.)