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Now, PIPES!....

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    I dont smoke Pipes, however, there is sucha wealth of information in this thread already. Im looking forward to having a further read when the subsection is up and running and there are some reviews to read up on!


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      Sounds like a good idea Deano.... Nice one bud
      Love Life - Love Cigars


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        That's great Deano.
        So many tobacco's to try (I've tried quite a few), It would be good to see reviews on here about the one's I havn't sampled.
        I'm off to Spain next friday, will try to find some new one's and will let you know what they're like.

        Good Night Puffers


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          Indeed a sub-forum for pipes and tobacco would be great


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            maybe even sub-sub forums..... general, tobacco reviews, where to buy, pipe reviews... a bit like what you have on a "pipe-only forum" (needn't have so many categories though)
   has three subs within the pipe section (it's actually one of the best pipe boards even though, overall, Puff is mainly cigars)
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              Moved this over.