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Hello again old friend!

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  • Hello again old friend!

    About 4 years ago I "lost" my old meerschaum pipe. One I have had since 1972!
    For those who are into pipes, a treasured one is something that you don't lose!

    Every so often I would have a really good search for it. It just had to be around the house somewhere!!

    Well, yesterday I was in the spare bedroom that is used by my son on his visits home from Australia where he works.... and I spotted an interesting looking decorative tin. I opened it up, and there (along with some other strange little pipes that I don't recognise ).... was my old meerschaum!

    Welcome home!
    I had forgotten how beautifully mature it had become.

    Ironically, in today's post, a new meerschaum arrived from Turkey!
    All pure pristine and white, just like my old one once was.

    And just for laughs.... me in 1972 with the pipe when it was almost new.
    (Photo taken by Western Daily Press for a newspaper article when I moved to Bristol)

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    Omegar... I have to admit this is one of the most beautifully matured meerschaums Ive ever seen...The colour is amazing!

    I'm sure it will continue to reward you with good smokes for many many years more!


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      I wonder what the little pipes are for??? Hmm?! lol

      Nice Martin too.



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        magnificent - and the new one looks nice too.

        the photo: as my sainted mother would say "you're a fine figure of a man" !!


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          I've seen that pic before? ........
          Wait! .. Da!

          Looking for Monte Sublimes if you have any?


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            Originally posted by patrickspark View Post
            the photo: as my sainted mother would say "you're a fine figure of a man" !!
            Ah! That was the period when my father would say, with disdain in his voice, "Get your hair cut! You look like a bloody cocker spaniel"



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              I love it! And this is the way in order for them to be safe.


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                What does clan with overtones of pot smoke like?
                The new charity auction:


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                  Originally posted by Eddie View Post
                  What does clan with overtones of pot smoke like?
                  Probably the same as Clan.