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  • Heartbeat check

    Hi all,

    Used to use this forum ages ago when I got into Cigar smoking. It was one of the treasured joys of my life getting to know the people and personalities on here.

    After retrieving my head from the the dark hole I had it buried in, I have managed to add Pipe Smoking to my list of hobbies.

    I wanted to check if there were UK based pipe smokers who used this sub forum and who wanted to impart some knowledge or just share experiences. I always found this to be a place that was generous in both.


    In order to not make this a totally spam post, I wanted to start by asking for recommendations of tobacco to bring back from the states. I do understand that tastes differ so it is not an easy question. However being that allowed weight is limited I am looking for special, hard to get tobaccos that I can add to my "cellar" and perhaps share with BotL in future.

    a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a Smoke. - Rudyard Kipling

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    I have been known to enjoy a bowl or two...
    Welcome. Can't help with choices to bring home in afraid.