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Jack daniels honey

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    I like J D Honey. Its not got the complexity of some other liquors but I enjoy it when I fancy a change of pace and just want to have a drink without having to worry about thinking too much about it (same applies to cigars from time to time).

    I usually have it on its own with a beer. As for Jim beam honey Its not as good as the JD one and the cherry I have never tried.


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      [QUOTE=Sean;244334]Tried this at the weekend for the first time and found it lovely and dangerous at the same time as i think you could get through quite abit of the bottle before realising the strength of it

      Whats peoples thoughts are there any similar to this

      I know jim bean do a honey. And the red stag black cherry

      Got a bottle of jim beam cherry very nice drink to have with a cigar very smooth.


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        The Red Stag black cherry is nice. But also dangerous for the same reason.


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          Would agree with you there judders nice but dangerous.