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    Originally posted by Paulie2876 View Post
    I have a stock of 500ml glass bottles at the moment, but I am going to change to 1litre pet bottles. My local wilco is 100 miles away, so I am using empty flavoured water bottles at 33p a go from Aldi. Plus I get to drink the water as well. I have used 2 litre pop bottles before but found them too big, mainly because the sediment ends up mixing too much with the beer and unless you have a touch of know the rest without going into details.
    I tried 500ml PET water bottles once with mixed results.


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      I'm late to this party but I'm an "enthusiastic" home-brewer. Mostly all-grain but I've dabbled with extract brews in the past.
      Would love to share some recipes with people if there are other grain brewers out there.