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  • Beaujolais

    I seem to alternate between a preference for beer & wine. Back on the wine lately & as it’s approaching summer I figure time for the lighter reds. I was kindly gifted a bottle of Beaujolais and it encouraged me to get a few more (as if I need encouragement). I can’t claim to have a sophisticated palate (more pallet tbh). If anyone has any tips on good drinks please share so I can benefit from any suggestions & fwiw I’ll share my findings as I work through a selection of wines

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    1st up is the gifted wine. I decanted it & had a glass. The wine had a lot of bite, acidic but it improved after a day out the bottle & mellowed nicely, I’m finishing it off now, quite smooth.
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      On to the next one already & this taste better upon opening, in my opinion. They usually improve with a day out the bottle so this is showing real promise.
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        Try Moulin-a-vent its the top 'cru' in Beaujolais. Tends to be less fruity and more structured than wines from Fleurie and the other crus. Many bargains to be had compared to Burgundy proper.


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          Thanks Shaun, I’ll seek it out. I’ve got through a few more since but not that particular variety


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            PXL_20220607_225955812.MP.jpg Also got in an order of wines but this time choose some whites too. Quite getting into some sauvignon blanc in the warmer weather.

            Spoke to a guy at one of the CGars tastings a few weeks ago about the whole Judgement of Paris thing. He basically poopooed it. He knew Spurrier first hand. Thankfully put me off trying a bottle for a premium.

            Anyways enjoying these. Caveat. I'm not a seasoned white wine drinker. They do go well with a cigar!

            I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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              I do like my wine, used to be all full bodied reds but have brached out a lot lately. A big Chardonnay and Reisling fan in the whites. Also love sparkling wines, mainly Gran Reserva Cava and Champagne.
              Standout from the bank holiday was this Hochar from Chateau Musar; very perfumed and a bit different from the norm.

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