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Saturday 14th May 2022

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    Mini herf this afternoon with ‘the man’ Simon Bolivar - and some cracking aged smokes supplied too! Hoyo and a lovely Bolivar Lonsdale 2001 - great seeing you again Simon 👍



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      Many thanks for your hospitality Al, so kind of you to help me out & crack two fine boxes of my Havana's. My 🇧🇪 friend Zowie, will be jealous I am now cracking with someone else but needs must.

      We started with a sweet smelling box of Hoyo Palmas Extra 2017. Smoked very well & tasted really good, until I noted the dreaded tar biuld up. Trimming a couple of times was necessary; just hoping they won't all have that problem.

      Then we followed up with a pair of Boli Lonsdales 2001, that I picked up in Vigo, 🇪🇸 yrs ago. They aroma was delectable, my cigar was free of the dreaded plugs that Cervantes are infamous for. The flav came straight away & grew steadily, the ash white as snow & stayed on well.

      I have been looking fwd to trying this long deleted vitola, not having had one for some yrs, it certainly lived up to my hopes & I'lI be ensuring the rest of the box will last for a few yrs, as I am unlikely to be able to replace them at auction prices these days.

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      Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela.