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Hello again!

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  • Hello again!

    After registering and bring quite active way back in 2010, I stopped smoking cigars for a good while. Probably something to do with becoming a student and never really having any money!

    Well, 12 years later I've found the hobby again and somehow remembered the password to this profile. I've even got a job now, but the cost of cigars has definitely outstripped the rate of my income growth! I'm glad I smoked some Cohibas and Bolivars back then, because I definitely won't be anymore!

    I don't recognise many of the usernames now, I remember getting bombed by Shuckins back then, anyone know what happened to him? His.bombs were legendary.

    Anyway, I recently picked up a few factory sticks from Tabacalera Aragon, set up a little tupperdor again and am looking forward to getting stuck in!

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    Welcome back! Nice origin story.

    Pricing has definitely changed since then! There's couple of threads about the recent global price homogenisation.

    Hopefully you'll find plenty of options to get back into it.

    I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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      Welcome back to this forum and to the wonderful world of cigars.


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        Bolivars and Ramons are still priced decently if you hunt around, avoid Cgars at all costs, but Cohiba and esp Trinis are beyond the pale now.


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          Hi and welcome back to the forum - I’m sure much has changed in the world of cigars for you, but the camaraderie on this forum remains the same