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    Hmm, I post all my pics from my iPad - but somehow they all end up getting posted as small thumbnails. Most other pics I see are “large normal size”. Am I stupid or what?.....?

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    I use Tapatalk to post pics from my iPhone, linking from my Google photos doesn’t work very well.


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      The main difference is tapatalk or the website.

      If you post using tapatalk it takes care of some of the details and you will post big pics. Try tapatalk (aka tapacrap) from your ipad.

      If you post via the web site, there are some settings on the image where you can choose the size. This will work differently though if you are on a desktop O/S or a tablet/mobile O/S.

      For example i just double click an image when posting via the web and choose the size. I cant double click from the tablet for example.
      I think I may finally have this CAD under control...