I have suffered over the years from sinus issues, to a lesser or greater extent, it can be worse at certain times of the year. I generally manage to keep it in under control and I am more aware of the signs of build up of mucous in the sinus membranes, which as you might guess can wreak havoc with not just enjoying cigars, but taste and smells in general. A cigar that you last smoked which tasted sublime, can taste bitter, bland or just plain not right. I tend to look at me being the problem in the first instance, as I am aware blocked sinuses can affect so much the finer enjoyment of aromas and taste.

I have used nasal sprays every now and again to keep my sinuses in check, when a bad flare up occurs. But the nasal sprays if used extensively do cloud your senses of taste. Just ask your dentist the next time you go for a check up, if they can tell if you use a nasal spray, as it shows up in your mouth around the edges of your tongue.

A more natural remedy, I have found in recent months, which works 100% consistently with overcoming sinus build up, and also helps to reset your taste buds. Take a half-teaspoon each of cayenne pepper and local honey mixed together. Optional, a glass of water to wash it all down with. Clears your head in an instant - within 15 minutes or less you will have perfectly cleared sinuses, and a much better sense of taste.