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Thread: The Collection Grows

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    Default who are i

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAMZ84 View Post
    Hey fella....welcome on board...why don't you head over to the newbie section and introduce your self
    i myself agree with youre post fella introduction are good idea thank you

    boy bot boy and i am a real boy
    Vaya con Dios, Amigos! - don TJ and the Coros

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    I think the smoke one now save one policy shall be followed, will need to find the time now as 2 plus hours is hard to get to be able to fully enjoy the smoke, but I will find that time.
    The humidor I have is a Germanus Cube - 70-100 count but thats for smaller sticks, I currently have around 56 sticks in there and it would struggle to take much more big stuff. Been great since I got it in April this year and buying direct from Germanus was a good deal.

    As for my ass kicking, it was entirely down to no prep and poor work on my part, I only had a small amount of water and hadn't eaten much before with nothing sweet to hand when the nicotine overload got me, certainly a lesson learn't!

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