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Thread: Websites won’t load on PC

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    Thumbs up And now, the rest of the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarmo View Post
    What version of win10 are you using type winver into the search box it will show.
    was the computer doing an update the last time it worked properly.
    its unlikely that a virus has cut off your internet access most virus’s want you to use the internet not block you.
    can you access the router config page from a browser.
    do you have access to another pc to download a bit of software.
    have you tried rebooting into safe made with networking.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deano View Post
    I'd do what Sham said - try pinging and from a command prompt and see what it returns with
    Well, boys, with the assistance of the Master Tech, we did all those things listed above and then some. And after spending the entire night (into the wee small hours of the morning) working remotely with the Master Techfrom the not-so-great land to the norte , we finally got the beast to load websites. Halleluhja!

    How was it done?

    Well, I’ll tell ya’. After some mucking about in the PC beast, I fired up an old Dell PC hard wired to the router and dusted off a laptop I found lying about. I later learned it was the very same laptop don TJ’s poser took with him on the innagural 2009 London Cigar Walk. Anyway, both of these units we able to connect to the interwebs, so we crossed the router off the list of possible trouble maker. We then spent the rest of the evening looking at this, removing that, running this program and that program (Oh! And btw, this lad hates the spyware programs I had on my machine, like Spybot and S&D, among other downloaded programs I cherish, for reasons I can talk about later if anyone is interested).

    So, after several exhusting hours and many expressos, we went back to the “roll back” program to see what’s happening there, and to our pleasant surprise, it worked this time! We were able to roll back to 9/25/18. Success! The PC is connecting to the interwebs again. Whew!

    Next week the master tech and I will return to the beast to do a thorough clean-up. Gee, I can hardly wait...

    Thanks for all the advise, UKCF Master Ba....errr, I mean, TECHS!

    Name Jay, Ray Jay, and I’m taking the rest of the day off.
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    Vaya con Dios, Amigos! - don TJ and the Coros

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