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Thread: An interesting day on the Rig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ha_banos View Post
    Started 33yo. Filled first humi from Cyprus holiday, then from our sponsor, then from Europe. But that humidor lasted years before I spilled into a second one. Then a third only a couple of years ago. Then the $h!t hit the fan last year.

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    I must be a freak then. Started properly aged 21, bought my first humidor and filled it pretty quickly but never smoked particularly frequently. Got into the hobby “seriously” about 2 years ago and became active on this great forum again after many years in the wilderness. Bought my fridge about 18 months ago and that’s when, as Banos says, $h!t hit the fan, built my collection from a stable 100-150 sticks between 2011 and 2017 to over a thousand now. Luckily my partner has stayed with me despite my costly obsession and she even seems to quite interested in it now and has stopped asking how much things cost, which is definitely for he better.

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