As I can't compress my new picks it occurred to me, I already have hundreds on this site 90% of which newer members will never have seen & therefore may be of some interest. So here's a few to start with: 1/ My one time little collection of Havana's slimmest: Cohiba Panatela, Punch Margarita, RG Cigarritas, Monte Joyita & Hoyo Margaritas. 2/ Smoking the Punch Margaritas, a Carolinas 26 x 4 3/4 Discon' 2009, in Luxenburg City, with a fine Belgian beer. 3, 4 & 5/ Dippy No1 Cervantes (Lonsdales) 2001 smoked at a herf down at the Barbican, Devonport, with the old Club Habanos. 6/ My collection as it was circa 2006. 7/ My first Hoyo DC smoked at the Blue Posts Pub on my first Herf. 7/ My local Cafe in Antwerp on the Simon Bolivar Plaats & 9/ My first Diadema, smoked inside my local cafe, pre-smoking ban in Belgium. This is an amazing vitola, lasts up of 3hrs & several beers doesn't change much but if you enjoy the Cuaba profile you really should try one before they all disappear.