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Thread: King of Cuban short smokes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamsmokes View Post
    The only thing with the Reyes is that for the same price I usually end up going for a petite corona, but I have never been dissapointed by them, or with any Trinidad actually- I love the band as well!
    Yes, the age old dilema cost versus brand & size of smoke. If you're paying UK prices the difference isn't insignificant. To me Trini's & Cohiba's are never going to be everyday smokes but brands to chose on extra special days, then you don't have to think about th ecost as much & justisfy the extra flav is worth for th eday you chose to smoke it on. I find the Reyes very attractive,esceially in it vlittle varnish abient. THey do lend themselves to a quiet half & an hour with a coffee & not to strong to have miud morning witht he papers. I do agree age changes these, again if you are just picking up a couple of singles in the UK, you're probably not going to be able to appreciate that so perhaps best to go for the other brands mentioned that smoke well fresh.

    One of my first cab's was a Reyes so I have a soft spot for them but perhaps it's telling I never bought another although I have several boxes of Coloniales & Vigias. I have several Fundies but never brought a box, not coz I don't love them but I am just not in that league!
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    The ERDM DT has been a recent discovery, absolutely wonderful morning smoke.

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