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Today is the anniversary of the invasion of the Falklands Islands, whilst we remember those on both sides that fell during the conflict, let us have a roll call of those who have survived the 30yrs since to tell their tale. Must be some other guys on here who served retaking the Islands or were involved in someway?

I was on nights working on the wards of the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar in Gosport, when it all blow up. I watched HMS Invincible & Hermes leave Postsmouth & then shortly after was given 48hrs notice, I was to fly to Gibralter to join the SS Uganda; which was being converted into a hospital ship. We sailed South convinced the respective governments would fix this small row by diplomatic means before we got to Ascension. But the Jaw, Jaw, just ended in War, War. We took 770 casualties onboard the Uganda & only lost 3. We also lost 3 crew (including the P&O Captian, who died before we arrived), from natural courses, so I always say we looked after them at least as well as we looked after ourselves.

We had the survivors of the Sheffield & Coventry first, then the Welsh Guard burns victims of the Sir Galahad & Tristrum, including Simon Weston, who was one of my patients.

When it was finally all over (14th June) we converted to a Troop ship, painted out the red crosses, took on the 16th Field Ambulance unit & the 7th Duke of Edinburgh's Gurkha Rifles & sailed for home.

What we saw would stay with us for the rest of our lives & changed us forever. I saw Max Hastings documentry last night & it was very interesting looking at it was some historical prespective. Shame the lesson Blair took away was that the British public appreciated short victorious wars & subsequently took us into Iraq & Afgansitan. Two big differences Mr Blair. The locals wanted to stay under a British protectorate & the aim was straight forward if not logistically simple; retake the islands & hold them. No such desire by the locals or achieveable end game in Iraq or Afganistan.

I will smoke a Belinda Princess today, a small fairly bitter tasting machine made of 15yrs age, I will smoke something sweeter on the 14th June.