This weekend I was back in the homeland - Carmarthen in West Wales for to visit the folks. This visit also gives me the opportunity to visit the local pub - The Fox & Hounds in Bancyfelin. Along with two Real Ale's always available, there's a good sized beer garden that is a perfect area for a smoke and a pint.

After four or five pints of the excellent Dark Age from the The Celt Experience, I retired outside to smoke a Juan Lopez Petit Corona. I've recently bought a box of these, and they're currently smoking magnificently.
It's great to see the resurgence of the Juan Lopez brand, starting with the rave reviews of the Selection No. 2 and now with the Regional Editions including the blockbuster Selecci?n Suprema. I've only recently ran out of the Selection No. 2; and I'm already missing them. One of the great Cigars from the past few years. Gotta get me some more of them.

If you haven't read my review of this bobby dazzler of a little Cigar, I would suggest you go over after reading this post and get a more in-depth description of the flavours and progression of this scarcity.

Review of the Juan Lopez Petit Corona

Outside, sitting on a bench overlooking the Fox & Hounds car park I light up this little companion for a delightful forty five minute smoke. Spice, creamy espresso and the underlying tobacco flavours all heightening the senses.

Sitting outside the Fox & Hounds in Bancyfelin smoking a Juan Lopez Petit Corona with The Celt Experience's Dark Age.

After finishing, I head back inside to the tail end of the night. But not after one more pint for the road, the Baggywrinkle from the Preseli Brewery. I had this in the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival last weekend and didn't think much of it. But this pint was much better. Or maybe I was drunk. Everything tastes (and looks!) better when drunk. Who knows. It was a nice enough way to end the night.

The darkness of the Fox & Hounds car park on a Saturday night.