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27-10-2010, 07:32 PM
Hi all, hope you are well.

This is my first review here and it's on one of the cigars that SerieSteve kindly gifted to me. I believe it to be a Sancho Panza Bachilleres, 116mm with a RG of 40.


The cigar was very firm along it's length and the colorado wrapper had it's fair share of veins and bumps but it was a beautiful colour and had a nice oily sheen to it. The pre-cut draw yielded little more than tobacco notes but was a lot easier than expected given the cigar's firm construction.

The first third started slowly with the first few draws being earthy tobacco which then gave way to a more rounded, slightly nutty flavour. The smoke was plentiful but light.


Into the second third and things started to round out a little with the smoke becoming more creamy and the nutty flavour continuing. The ash was quite dark and a little lopsided but it clung on for over an inch.

Between the half way point and the start of the final third there was a notable, but not unplesant bitterness, I can only describe it as bitter leather. I found that this actually countered the creaminess of the smoke quite well and made things a bit more interesting.


Things remained the same until the end of the smoke. It did get a little hot towards the end but I'd maybe put that down to me smoking it in about 40 minutes (bad day at work!) whereas I'd normally have taken a bit longer.

All in all I enjoyed the smoke very much, despite finding it a little light and uncomplicated personally. It would be a good morning smoke or for when you don't have much time. Props to SerieSteve for allowing me to try it in the first place!

28-10-2010, 12:13 AM
What was the box code. I had a box of 98s that was singing.

28-10-2010, 07:37 AM
Nice Review Styler :thumb: Great pictures too.
A fellow Herfer put me on to these quite a few years ago now, Cheers Ade :hail:
These are a fantastic short Cigar, in fact my favorite short Cigar :41:, In fact the only short Cigar in my purchase list (not for much longer maybe) :frown: I think they are being discontinued.
This is the Cigar I often have after a long day at the office, when I have little time Smoke. :cowboyic9:
They give me exactly what I want, uncomplicated, 20-30 Min's of Chill time, Nutty and slightly Woody.
I'm glad you enjoyed the experience.
Looking forward to your next review.
Oh and these were from a box of OSU 98's

28-10-2010, 08:42 AM
20-30 mins, I thought I was smoking it fast at about 40 :)

Sorry if the photos are a little on the atmospheric side, it's hard to take a normal photo in a shed lit with one LED bulb.