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A cigar affair

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My wife is not entirely happy seeing my money go up in smoke, she's even imposed a 'sex embargo' on me until I stop buying cigars, I told her I would stop with the cigars and so now I have to smuggle any cigars in, at risk of never having sex again..

This is the price to pay for a humble smoke, having an affair with the tastiest beauties known to Cuba.. Is it worth it?

You know you wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't

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  1. Eddie's Avatar
    Try to get her interested. A la Monica Lewinsky.
  2. snooky's Avatar
    Yes this has happened before see the site owner he will take the matter in hand.
  3. crslaytor's Avatar
    and I thought they are supposed to love and understand us
  4. Chiefy's Avatar
    Cigars win, more enjoyable, lasts 59 minutes longer and doesn't talk back when your finished and she's not.
  5. TJCoro's Avatar
    Those things at the end of your wrists aren't just for holding stogies, if you know what I mean...