escort ordu kıbrıs escort escort izmit escort bodrum escort rize escort konya escort kırklareli escort van halkalı escort escort erzurum escort sivas escort samsun escort tokat ***** For Sale section please read ***** - UK Cigar Forums


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***** For Sale section please read *****

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  • ***** For Sale section please read *****

    If you can see this message, the for sale forums are currently closed to you.

    To be able to post a thread OR see threads, you must be active in the trade you must fit the following criteria and abide by the rules below and the Forum Rules located here.

    1) Have posted more than 100 posts within the forum and have PM privileges. This is all requires a period of time on the site (e.g. 3months+) and good behaviour!
    2) You should have been active in the last 3-6 months. AFTER 3 MONTHS OF INACTIVITY PMS/FOR SALE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE REVOKED.
    3) Accept questions via Private Message or in the thread itself - don't list your email address or web-site.
    4) Do not bad mouth a seller, leave constructive feedback. If you have issues with legitimacy contact an admin (like me) or a moderator.
    5) If you are a retailer or a 'seller' you should not comment on other sites advertising, nor their services. If you feel they are illegitimate please PM me or a moderator
    6) It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18.
    7) UK Cigar Forums is only for the use of people aged 18 or over.
    8) Cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco may not be sold or traded on UK Cigar Forums.
    9) Only one or two For Sale adverts should appear from one person in any given month - this isn't eBay.
    10) No grey market trading. This means selling for profit or buying for the reason of selling and passing on the cigars.
    11) No mention of Paypal. Paypal do not allow it's services to be used for tobacco goods.
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