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Price differentials across retailers

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  • Price differentials across retailers

    Sorry if this has been done before or if it's an obvious newbie thing to bring up. Also not sure if I'm allowed to mention retailers names directly?

    Aaaanyway, I went to my local high-street wine shop today - they have a Havana humidor cabinet with a small selection of CC's (of which I've sampled a couple before) but having compared prices to a specialist in central London, the wine merchant prices are in some cases almost 50%+ more expensive, i.e. H Upmann Coronas Junior for ?9.75 compared to ?6.75, R&J tubo no2 ?16.25 compared to ?11.50 and so on...(plus I noticed that their hygrometer was showing 65% rh).

    Allowing for online discounts and the power of bulk buying by the specialists, I thought this was quite a big difference in pricing, especially assuming that the wine merchant are not going to care for the cigars like a specialist would.

    Just an observation, but interested to get the perspective and insight of more seasoned folk.


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    They are banking on impulse buying and are likely happy to sit on a small stock for a long while.
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