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Temperature questions..

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  • Temperature questions..

    Hello, I’ve introduced myself in the newbies, so this is my first serious post.

    So, I’ve seen many 70/70 rules etc and many contradictions in some excellent cigar articles and behind the science of temperature, but the nagging thought in my mind is spending so much money collecting to have them ruined. I read a brilliant article on temperature being mostly a myth (unless for ageing)

    i have a Zino acrylic humidor and I’m pleased in every way, but my house is a new build and it stays very warm all year round. I’ve put my humidor in the wardrobe and it’s very warm, about 24 to 25c currently which I will admit, freaks me out.

    So, does temperature really effect cigars? I’m not going to be ageing, and I’m toying with freezing them after purchase. (Though I’m sure most reputable companies do this anyway)
    Have any of you ever just given up on temperature and still had a great tasting cigar a year later without issue?

    any replies would be appreciated and info.

    Cheers, Charlie.

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    Hey there.

    Well apart from the risk of bugs, even subject to freezing there may be some small risk if not frozen long enough or deeply enough. I am subject to house temperature fluctuations, but have not seen any ill effects so long as humidity is controlled. I've had some cigars for 15 years.

    I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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      Mine never stay in the humi long enough to suffer! Seriously though, it doesn't matter too much as long as you keep the humidifier topped up. The humidity is relevant to the temperature and will fluctuate constantly, so the humidity will too.


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        The only practical worry about Temp is above 20oC the cigar weevil can hatch out. I once bought a wineador to keep the cigars cool, during a Belgian summer of 30-35oC. But these temps were never repeated & I learnt about freezing cigars so now no need to worry. Just avoid having your humi's in direct sunlight & if you have a cooler room, basement ect you could move them there in the summer. Once you have a 'decent' collection, it becomes too impractical to move so I just keep the curtains drawn in my study during the winter too keep it warmer, as there's no heating in my tiny study & closed in the summer, as the afternoon sun hits the windows.

        Supposedly high temps may diminish flav when ageing for yrs but I have cigars, like Banos, for 15-20yrs old & they are smoking just fine.

        P.S. I do recommend freezing, doesn't affect flav or ageing & does give you peace of mind, for your stock that may be worth thousands in due course.
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          Thank you all so much for your knowledge and advice, it’s super appreciated.
          I’ve taken all your advice and have moved to an even cooler room. I sadly don’t have a basement, but I do have a super cool but not too cold downstairs toilet cupboard .
          The wife says it’s fine to use the room and cool it down to the temp I need.
          Cant thank you all enough for the top advice and kind responses.

          Big love, Charlie.


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            Take a look at the average monthly temperatures in Cuba - or any of the countries that grow tobacco and then sit back and relax and try not to worry about how the temperature here in the UK might affect your cigars. Just keep half an eye on the humidity which BTW, should be well under 70 and if you get some 65% or 67% bovedas you won't even have to worry about that.

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