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Intemperance Envy short perfecto

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  • Intemperance Envy short perfecto

    Intemperance is the first cigar from RomaCraft and made in Nicaragua from a Brazilian wrapper, Indonesian binder and a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. The perfecto comes in at 5" x50 and feels somewhat soft to the squeeze. The wrapper is a dusky maduro with visible veins and looks good. Unlit it has the rich cocoa scent that its appearance leads you to expect. Once cut the draw is easy and the tastes faintly of molasses with a pepper finish.
    The burn was perfect till about half way then needed a correction and a relight when the dirty grey ash dropped.
    Initially I was disappointed with this cigar as the taste was a clean but mineral flavour with more pepper on the finish for the first third. Okay but not to my taste.
    Into the second third and a roasted pecan taste developed with the pepper receding at the half way mark and the whole cigar getting smoother.
    Into the final third and after a quick purge the roast nut flavour increased in intensity until the end.
    I have another of these and in a year's time it will be interesting to see which flavour dominates. If its the mineral it will be a short smoke indeed.

    Intemperance 4.jpg
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    Minerals seem to be popping up a lot recently. Nice review.
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    Originally posted by PeeJay
    I get longing looks from guys walking past

    Originally posted by butternutsquashpie
    A purge follows a rapid puffing session.


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      Ye i was thinking that marc. Good review mate looks such a nice stick aswell

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