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Ryj 2004 EL Hermosos No. 2

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    Powerful Words, Muchacho!

    Originally posted by tippexx View Post
    Far be it for me to pour oil on anyone's hopes TJ but this cigar is the car equivalent of a Volvo Estate equipped with a 2 stroke engine .... underpowered at release, clapped-out now and dead on the highway tomorrow. I almost feel sorry for H&F or vendors who've still got these on their shelves, the only use for them that I can think of is landfill!
    Yeah....sadly, I see what yer sayin', mi amigo!

    Boy, Bag Boy

    Hey Bag Boy. That TripleXXX dude sure has a way with words.

    Haha! Quite compelling, indeed!
    sigpicVaya con Dios, Amigos! - don TJ and the Coros