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Padron 1964 Pyramide

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  • Padron 1964 Pyramide

    Size:6 7/8 x 52
    Wrapper: Nicaragua

    So I got this box a while back, sent a few out and never got round to trying them so I decided to have it today even though it is more if a special day smoke. Also to wRm up for the vintage boli review.

    The cigar looks amazing, such a cool shape with a solid construction somewhere between a Lanceros and a Canonazo. The wrapper is dark brown Maduro with light fine veining and a toothy texture.
    The pre light smell is earthy, sweet and woody. A good start for me.
    Proned to a very loose draw I nicked it with a V cutter. The pre light draw is rich and woody with a smokey molasses background hum.
    The flame now applied, lovely even startthus thing is a grand looking thing, I'm enjoying simply holding it. The first smoke is cleaner and less fragrant than expected but very pleasantly flavoured with tones of wood and a woodland earthiness. Here's a treat for you guys to enjoy
    And blow
    Ash is light coloured and holding firm at 1cm. it dropped at 1inch to leave an almost even burn line
    The flavours are finally developing, I was expecting a richer profile but it could be my palette today. The profile post first ash drop is still woody but the sweet molasses is back hand in hand with its friend chocolate. There is a tendency towards sweet but it's not artificially so, very much the flavours of sweet things without too much sweetness! I know, it makes sense if you smoke it though.
    A third in and I'm calling that earlier woody/woodland earth flavour history and replacing it with pure Spanish cedar. This isn't a brandy cigar, its a rum buddy. (See what I did there?) an exquisitely balanced flavour profile with tonnes if nice cool smoke, great build quality and draw and a beautiful body to too it all off.
    The burn has started to go a bit unevensnoke is unaffected so I'll leave it to correct itself. Taste is of sweet molasses and maltesers with a woody background. Not much change in the last 15 mins but what we have is super.

    Got taken away from the cigar so notes went a bit sporadic but the cigar went out and was relit. After it had lost some of its charm and I let it go (mainly due to work). I found it to be a pretty excellent cigar but due to the fact that I didn't finish it I'm not scoring this at this time. Next time I have one I'll edit a score in. My guess is high 80's low 90's.

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    Nice review tommy although your pictures aren't working for me [emoji20]

    I forgot to say I had smoked the one you sent me (thank you very much again) unfortunately it didn't go down half as well [emoji20]

    I got the same woody nutty flavours but very quickly they became very harsh and bitter [emoji20] such a shame!


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      Sounds great! No pics for me either. And shame about that Adam.
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        It's is, nature of the beast though I guess [emoji20]


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          Good reviewing Tommy.
          If you want to, you can.
          And, if you can, you must!


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            Nice job tommy, no pics for me either. Hehe


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              Why do my pictures not work!!!


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                Dunno .... but this is the Error Message:-

                Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator
                If you want to, you can.
                And, if you can, you must!


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                  Shame the pics are not backed up to the phone when taken in Tappy. In future I'll take them on the phone camera app and have them ready to re post.